AISD CTC Applicants

The Shop

Enduring Industry

Doors aren't a trend. They are a necessary part of our everyday lives- meaning that this industry is a reality for all.

Opportunity to Learn Skilled Trade
Learn the skills to become a craftsman in the world of architectural wood doors. No experience necessary! Being in this industry means that being skilled in this craft will always be in demand.
Mentorship Matters
This position allows you to work alongside and learn from industry veterans with over 75 years of experience. Having this kind of mentoring is unique and a benefit!
A Career, Not Just a Job
It's okay to "think career," even at a young age.
We're proud that our architectural wood doors are a line of defense in many schools and businesses already. Our production methods ensure that our doors are quality and meet the necessary requirements to keep inhabitants safe. Play a role in our nation's movement towards greater school security with your work!
100% Healthcare Coverage, paid by Employer

We care about our employees' health and well-being.