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We inventory and machine doors with most commercially available wood veneers, as well as plastic laminate.


We have many construction types and sizes in stock, including:

particleboard core, mineral core, stave lumber core, structural composite lumber core, and lead lined. 


Bullet-resistant, STC sound rated, and dutch doors are available upon request.


  • Fast responses to quote requests

  • Stock doors in widths 1/6 through 4/0 and heights 6/8 through 10/0

  • Fully licensed by Intertek Testing to machine and label fire doors

  • Mill-quality finishing on every wood veneer door

  • Custom widths and heights

  • Careful review of every order by our experienced, knowledgeable staff

  • Veteran attention to detail in the machining process

In Stock Wood Veneers

Birch  // Red Oak  // Maple  // White Oak  // Mahogany  // Walnut   // Cherry


Exotic veneers available on request. 

Butler Doors, Inc. specializes in:
 Architectural wood doors that meet or exceed all current WDMA and AWI Quality Standards
Shipping Information

Contact us for information about current lead times!

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